Miramar Park of Commerce Buildings 29 A&B Shells

Miramar Park of Commerce Buildings 29 A&B Shells

9575 Premier Parkway, Miramar

Buildings 29 A&B were the last of the distribution-style warehouses built in MPC. With 32’ clear ceiling heights, some of the tilt panels weighed close to 275 tons, requiring specialized cranes. Due to the remote location of the site, we were faced with unique constraints when it came to site access and utilities. Through our knowledge of the park, we were able to construct these buildings without a single change order.

Project Team

  • Project Executive William Pratt
  • Project Manager Eric Wolf
  • Superintendent Chris Loveday

Project Metrics

  • Ownership Sunbeam Properties
  • Area 225,000 GSF
  • Contract Amount $11,000,000
  • Duration 211 Days
  • Completion Date March 2016
  • Delivery Method Negotiated
  • Architect Scott Dyer Architect, PA